Title: Graphic Design Intern
Location: Haus Collective, 108 Blue Star 78204, Second Floor
Schedule: Fall Semester. Hours are flexible and can be arranged according to student’s academic schedule. 
Remuneration: Unpaid internship with possible advancement opportunities. For Credit.
Starting Date: September 2015


Haus Collective was created in February 2015 as a multi-disciplinary space, a mission to create visibility for emerging artists and small business. The Collective is divided into three cohesive collaborations; a graphic design studio, gallery, and test space for growing business. Haus Collective is tucked away inside the Blue Star Arts Complex, within the historic German settlement of San Antonio’s King William District. Since February, Haus Collective has directed five art exhibitions and secured successful partnerships through a flourishing portfolio of design projects as well as dining experiences, store pop-ups and sponsorships. 


A contributor of our dreams would be able to grasp the overall concept and mission of Haus Collective, almost instantly. To elaborate to a gallery visitor, client or partner is important to the position, and required. We are excited to make you integral to our space, highly-involved in our show process and free as an innovator, artist, designer. We are receptive to idea and collaboration. And hope we can inspire you to expand your portfolio and grow your connections. Please send a note if you fulfill the last requirements, listed below:

* Proficient, or advanced working experience in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. 
*  Junior/Senior Undergraduate or Graduate Student, studying graphic design, art or business. 
* Leader: Possessing a professional ability to adhere to important deadlines, as we count on you. Expect face-time, and client correspondence. This will help you build a network of your own. 
* Balancer: The ability to switch gears, quickly, as we move parts from art show to design package, to client meet. The collective concept requires the real-life understanding of prioritization and flexibility. 
* Exceptional communication skills.

The Collective Contributor will assist the Creative Director with a number of projects, which may include:

* Producing Exhibition Announcements & Vinyl Design.
* Assist in Creative Meetings for Current & Upcoming Design Projects.
* Opportunity to develop Branding Packages to include Logo, Color & Typography Guidelines and Other Design Elements. 
* Participant with Creative Director for Exhibition Install, Deinstall, Studio Hours.

Please submit your CV/resume, and Portfolio (not required) to And fill out below. 

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